dink·y || 'dɪŋkɪ adj. cute; small; appealingly small (British Slang); overly small, unattractively small (Scottish Slang)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • dinky — adjective (dinkier; est) Etymology: Scots dink neat Date: 1880 overly or unattractively small < drives a dinky little car >; also British attractively small ; cute …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dinky — /ding kee/, adj., dinkier, dinkiest, n., pl. dinkies. adj. 1. Informal. small, unimportant, unimpressive, or shabby: We stayed in a dinky old hotel. 2. Brit. Informal. fashionable; well dressed; smart. n. 3. dinkey. [1780 90; cf. Scots dink… …   Universalium

  • dinky — dinky1 adjective (dinkier, dinkiest) informal 1》 Brit. attractively small and neat. 2》 N. Amer. disappointingly small; insignificant. Origin C18: from Scots and north. Engl. dialect dink neat, trim . dinky2 noun (plural dinkies) inf …   English new terms dictionary

  • instance — n Instance, case, illustration, example, sample, specimen mean a concrete thing which has or manifests the qualities, characters, or nature of a type, a class, or a group. Instance applies to an individual person or thing brought forth in support …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • dinky — UK [ˈdɪŋkɪ] / US adjective Word forms dinky : adjective dinky comparative dinkier superlative dinkiest informal 1) British very small and with an attractive shape or appearance dinky shops and tearooms 2) mainly American very small in size,… …   English dictionary

  • dinky — I. /ˈdɪŋki / (say dingkee) Colloquial –adjective (dinkier, dinkiest) 1. of small size. 2. neat; dainty; smart. –noun (plural dinkies) 3. a small tricycle. {British dialect} II. /ˈdɪŋki / (say dingkee) adjective, adverb …  

  • dinky — ► ADJECTIVE (dinkier, dinkiest) Brit. informal ▪ attractively small and neat. ORIGIN from Scots and northern English dialect dink «neat, trim» …   English terms dictionary

  • dinky — ☆ dinky [diŋ′kē] adj. dinkier, dinkiest [< Scot dink, finely dressed, trim] Informal small and unimportant; of no consequence n. pl. dinkies DINKEY …   English World dictionary

  • dinky — 1. adj. (dinkier, dinkiest) colloq. 1 Brit. colloq. (esp. of a thing) neat and attractive; small, dainty. 2 US trifling, insignificant. Etymology: Sc. dink neat, trim, of unkn. orig. 2. n. (pl. ies) 1 a well off young working couple with no… …   Useful english dictionary

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